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Metal Roof Retrofitting Services

With our metal roof retrofitting services, you can save money on your worn-out metal roof. Call Smart Seal Roofing to restore your metal roof and make it look as good as new! Don’t replace your metal roof completely! We’re certified installers of Topps restorative coatings. Let us restore your metal roof and extend its life by years.

Restore Your Metal Roofs

Our metal roof retrofitting system is a completely waterproof system that prevents rust and stops leaks. Let us provide you with professional metal roof restoration services that’ll extend the life of your roof for years.

Spend only a fraction of the cost of a complete roof replacement with a restorative coating. If you desire more than a coating, we can provide multiple options to extend the life of your current metal roof, including spray polyurethane foam or single-ply membrane retrofits.

Tax Advantages of Restoring Your Roof

IRS classifies roof restoration as maintenance and you can record it in the accounting period in which the expenses have been incurred. Did you know that a new roof system is a capital asset and must be amortized over a 39-year depreciated life schedule? It’s a common fact that the average life expectancy of any commercial roof is 20 years.

Take advantage of a better tax strategy with roof restoration. Because of the difference between the useful life of your commercial roof replacement and the depreciation period required, you can’t fully realize the tax benefits of fully replacing your roof. You can’t fully depreciate roof replacement in the accounting period. All you need to do is restore your roof and you’ll get better tax benefits!

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