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Energy-Efficient Thermal Envelope

Homes that are built and insulated without taking the thermal envelope into account have an unstable transmission of air and vapor through the building.

This leads to the abuse of your heating and HVAC systems and results in higher utility bills. Get the insulation services that you’re looking for by calling Smart Seal Foam Insulation.

Our insulation technicians are good applicators and just by looking at how we make our foam, you’ll know that it is of good quality.

With 10 reputable years of serving all of Texas, you can be sure to get the quality services you’re looking for when you call our friendly staff.

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Answers to Home Owner Common Spray Foam Health and

Make Use of the R-value Measurement

So what does R-value mean?

Insulation and perceived home energy efficiency were determined by R-value measurement of the insulation product being sold. Unfortunately, an R-value number is almost useless because installation practices and air loss dramatically affect the overall thermal efficiency of your home.

The R-value of an insulation agent is meaningless unless it is installed to exact specifications and does not degrade, settle, or compress over time.

So why is R-value still used?

It is an easy number to determine and allows the large companies who manufacture and sell insulation products to have an advantage in the marketplace.

Smart Seal Foam Insulation is your source of green, renewable, and eco-friendly insulation products that give large conglomerates good competition for their products.

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