Spray Foam Insulation Barndominium in Walnut Springs, TX

This Bardominium in Walnut Springs presents a unique situation regarding spray foam applications. We offer hybrid packages of both open and closed cell spray foam designed to meet each customers unique needs.  What looks like a barn on the outside, could be the Shangri-La on the inside. A Barndominium is a cross between a Barn and a Condominium – you may have metal on the outside of your structure with a wood frame on the inside. Barndominiums have become very popular in North Central Texas (averaging about $80.00 a square foot). We have discovered that Barndominiums are as unique as their owners. This particular barn is framed in metal. We spray applied 1″ of closed cell foam insulation to seal the building from the outside elements. We can then spray apply open cell foam to complete a hybrid package.  Rodney is the Barndominium expert.

Rodney Geisler, Estimator


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