Is Your House in North Central Texas Cold?

North Central Texas Winter Inspection Tips for Your Home


As weather conditions begin to cool, it is a good time to make sure your attic isn’t costing you money.

A few things to check for in the attic, beginning with places that can be leaking warm air; light fixtures and can lights, especially those manufactured before 2004, have plenty of holes and gaps to allow for air to escape from the living space into the attic. If these are installed wrong, you could be paying to heat your attic.

Can lights should have a cover that separates the fixture from insulation in the attic, and spray foam insulation can be applied to seal air leakages. These leakages can also occur around ductwork that drops in from above the ceiling.

During the summer, cool air passing through uninsulated ducts in warm attics can cause condensation on ductwork, and dripping will occur. This can lead to mold growth and safety issues. Uninsulated ducts are also at risk of becoming rusted and leaking conditioned air. Homeowners should check with their energy providers for any energy-efficient upgrade incentive programs available.

There are also a variety of energy testing services available to determine your options to make your home more energy efficient.

We also provide free estimates – if your forever home is in need of an insulation upgrade.



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